Everything You Need To Know About Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction is the most preferred methods of carpet cleaning. The use of organic chemicals and equipment helps in the deep cleaning of the carpets and the rugs- thereby removing all the dirt, dust and debris stuck deep into it.

Process of Steam Cleaning


  • The first and the foremost step is to remove the furniture, and other general clutters from the floor and the carpet. This is done to ensure that every corner of the carpet is cleaned properly.
  • Then, the carpet is vacuum cleaned by setting apt pressure. This removes the surfacial dirt, making your further work easy. It also fluffs up the carpet so that the steamer can clean the fibers more effectively.
  • After this, stain removers are used for bad and dark spots as well as stain. You can do this by dipping a cloth in the stain remover and carefully blotting the stain with it.

Main process

  • Fill the steamer with hot water. Thought it has a heating mechanism, but having warm or hot water helps. Keep the temperature according to the type of the material of the carpet.
  • Then add the soap or organic detergent as directed in the manual of the steamer. Make sure the amount of the detergent should be apt in order to ensure the proper working of the steamer machine. Try to opt for vinegar over detergents. The ratio of water and detergent must be 50/50.
  • When cleaning the carpet, always clean the corners first and then move the machine in long lines across the room in the right manner.
  • After the cleaning process is done, allow it to dry properly for 12-24 hours. Prefer to keep the carpet in sunlight as it kills various germs as well. And you are done.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is preferred over other methods of carpet cleaning because of the following reasons –

  • Steam cleaning kills 95-99% of the bacteria without the use of any kind of inorganic or toxic chemicals.
  • The non-toxic nature of the things used in steamer makes it pet and children friendly. With the use of water and vinegar, there is no scope of harm for your loved ones.
  • People suffering from any kind of allergy or asthma problems will benefit significantly from steam cleaning as there is no dusting or the use of chemicals involved.
  • Apart from the health benefits, it is the most economical and the cheap method used for cleaning the rugs and the carpets.
  • If your carpet gets attacked by molds, then steam cleaning is the only method to remove it. The high temperature of the water kills it, while bristles attached to it can remove it.

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