Master Coaching Hurstville Tutoring for HSC English Students

Students undertaking English tutoring at Master Coaching can expect high quality service, which is personalised and delivered by coaches that are passionate and genuinely care for the students that are under their mentorship. We understand the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 English can be overwhelming – whether you are undertaking Standard, Advanced or Extension levels – due to the expectations and amount of content involved. English is a subject that requires a level of dedication and effort in ensuring success and at Master Coaching, both parents and students can be ensured that we are here to help!

Upon enrolment, students are asked to undertake an initial assessment, which involves an essay attempt of a stimulus material. This will allow us to generate an idea of their range of abilities and understanding and thus cater for the individualised needs of all students.

Lessons are one hour in duration and are developed per according to the needs and feedbacks of the students. The coaches at Master Coaching are high achieving individuals who have extensive experience and grasp of the necessary requirements and knowledge of the HSC English course that will enable their students to gain a competitive result.

Coaches often deliver their lessons centred around the purpose to strengthening students’ understanding their prescribe and related texts (including contextual ideas and techniques), essay construction and integration, analytical skills. Due to their own personal experience, students can also expect guidance in tackling questions under exam conditions and efficient methods of preparation for their school assessments and HSC papers.

Students are also expected to play an active role during these lessons. Coaching is a collaborative process and students are only able to maximise what they get out of their time at Master Coaching if they are willing to put in the work themselves as well! Whilst the polishing of skills is a progressive refining process, our friendly tutors will be right here helping the students, maximising their personal potential.